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Feb 10 2016

Miami Book Fair to produce Lip Service!


Miami Book Fair is pleased to announce that it will become the producer of Lip Service: True Stories Out Loud. Founded by Miami-based writer Andrea Askowitz in 2006, Lip Service is dedicated to presenting the smartest, hottest, and most honest storytelling event in South Florida.

Andrea has stepped aside to pursue other projects, and approached Miami Book Fair to take over her beloved program. Lip Service joins the Miami Book Fair’s roster of ongoing year-around programs that nurture the literary community of South Florida.

“Not only is Lip Service a great event,” says Delia Lopez, operations director for Miami Book Fair, “it’s a great fit for us. We’re thrilled to welcome Lip Service to our family.”

Upcoming Lip Service shows include Saturday, May 7, 2016 at the Miracle Theater in Coral Gables (as part of the Writers Institute writers’ conference); Storypalooza!, on Saturday, March 26 (7 p.m., Coral Gables), an American Idol-style open mic at Books & Books that will help writers sharpen their ideas and pieces prior to the opening of the submission period for the May; and at the 2016 Miami Book Fair in November.

“We are going to continue the tradition of presenting entertaining, smart shows that really highlight Miami’s writers, and provide a great gathering place for people who enjoy stories,” said Lissette Mendez, program director for Miami Book Fair. “And, of course, we plan some twists. Andrea is a great friend and we are really honored that she thought of us.”

Oct 1 2015

Saying Goodbye


Dear Lip Service,
This is Andrea Askowitz. In case you didn’t know, I’ve been the engine behind Lip Service and this website for nine years. NINE YEARS!  I’m writing to tell you October 24, 2015 is my last show. 

I’ve loved Lip Service. I’ve produced 40 shows and have gotten to work with close to 300 storytellers who were willing to be open and honest and not always in a way that showed their better sides. Brave people! And I’ve told 30 of my own stories in front of the best audience in the world, which grew from 60 to 600. Beautiful people!

Whenever someone was nervous on stage, whenever I was nervous, I felt emotionally buoyed by the love and support of our audience. I am a ham and will totally miss that!

But after NINE YEARS I’m ready to move on and I’m really excited about my next venture: a podcast called Writing Class Radio. Writing Class Radio is a podcast of the writing class I’ve been teaching as an offshoot of Lip Service for six years. The podcast is one part true storytelling, one part documentary-style journalism, one part writing class, and all parts AMAZING!

Check it out at You can download it on iTunes and GooglePlay starting Oct. 24, 2015.

As for Lips, I’m not sure. We’re in negotiations with a new administrative partner and we still have Esther Martinez-Kenniff and Nicholas Garnett, plus a few others who have stepped up. I hope they keep it going forever.

Thanks for being the best community in the world. I can’t wait to see you at the show. After party at Books & Books, like always!


Jun 15 2015


The best storytelling duo in Miami, The Asia Project, was a HUGE HIT!  Thank you Asia and all the opening poets for one of those nights when you didn’t want to be anywhere else.

Mar 3 2015

May 9th Show: Best Ever!

STORIES ARE UP! Click to watch. Or click on STORIES above.

Storytellers:  Asia, Tobi Ash, Cristian Barquero, David Beaty, Terry DeMeo, Inessa Freylekhman, Ken Russell, Larry Spinner and host Andrea Askowitz took down the house May 9 with stories about POWER. 

This show was brought to you by Aqua Foundation–empowering the lesbian, bi, and trans community in South Florida–for a night of POWER.




Nov 14 2014

Lip Service Presents…BADASS

True stories on the page.  Some of our best, in honor of our 8-year Anniversary!  Great bedtime reading, except this won’t put you to sleep.

Read the latest rave review at Florida Book Review.

Order at Lominy Books.  $16 for the first book.  All additional copies, $8.88.  Just enter the code:  HALFBAD.

Badass, Lip Service: True Stories. The Double Album is some of the best of the first 8 years of Lip Service.  Lip Service typically features eight true stories, but as the title suggests, Badass is a double album, so you get two shows in one book, featuring 16 stories in all.  The stories are funny, poignant, inspiring, and all true.

What the critics are saying:
“The stories in in Badass are effective, evocative, and accessible.” –Bonnie Losak, Florida Book Review.
“Delightful, funny, touching, spirited and all true.”  –Beverly Donofrio, author of Riding in Cars with Boys.
“[These stories] gave me that lovely shiver I always feel in the presence of beautiful wrenching truths.”  –Steve Almond, author of Candy Freak
“Lip Service stories–as good as a kiss.”  –Mitchell Kaplan, Books & Books



Oct 24 2014

Our 8-Year Anniversary Show KILLED

Lip Service’s 8-year anniversary show took down the house!  Thank you to our storytellers and to our awesome audience!

Storytellers include the amazing Asia, Mickey Angel, Betsy Blankenbaker, Terry Demeo, Carlos Frias, Elizabeth Koster, Esther Martinez-Kenniff, and Andrea Zarchin with hosts Andrea Askowitz and Nick Garnett.

Apr 21 2014

Lip Service Olympic Games

On Friday, April 25, 2014, Carlos Frias took home the Lip Service Gold.  His story about buying his daughter’s first bra made everybody say “ooooh.”  Silver went to Kathie Klarreich and Bronze to Nick Ducassi.  Games well played.

We were part of the first annual Lit Crawl Miami.  Lit Crawl = bar crawl with booze + literature.   
Thank you O’Miami and The Betsy South Beach for making it happen.  Thank you to our host Doug Shear and the kick-ass judges: Christina Freedman, Tammy Green, Esther Martinez, and Nick Garnett plus all the storytellers who weren’t afraid to step to the mic and be judged.



Jan 12 2014

Memoir Writing Class: What Is It About This Place?

NEW CLASS DATE CHANGE!  Back to school.  Date TBA.  Taught by Enzu Castellanos

As residents of South Florida, we live in a place that drives our stories.  Moving through the physical terrain of our lives, we encounter people, places, situations, and things that intrigue, amuse, and even offend or inspire us.  In this workshop, writers will use the places they go–whether frequently, or for the first time–to mine stories that bring the location to life for the reader while revealing the thoughts and emotions of the storyteller.

The workshop prompts will challenge writers to build scenes, develop point of view, create themes, chose concrete language, evoke reflection, practice objective and subjective observation, and bring it all together in effective storytelling.  Writers will explore and identify not only the environments that they enter, but also the effects of those environments on themselves and others.  All writing will be read aloud and workshopped by the group.

Enzu Castellanos is a South Florida native with a background in arts promotion, production, and management.  He is currently in the Florida International University Creative Writing MFA program.  He teaches writing and rhetoric.

8 classes, 7 p.m. to 10 p.m.  $240.  North Miami campus.  Exact location, TBA.

To register, contact

Hurry, only 10 spots available!

Oct 2 2013

Lip Service had Another Smash Hit Show

Modern Love Lip Service took down the house on April 5, 2014!  What a show!

Stories are up. Click on Stories above.


Apr 26 2013

Lip Service Goes to Guatemala

Lip Service Guatemala

Lip Service – Guatemala from Figaro Films on Vimeo.