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Saying Goodbye


Dear Lip Service,
This is Andrea Askowitz. In case you didn’t know, I’ve been the engine behind Lip Service and this website for nine years. NINE YEARS!  I’m writing to tell you October 24, 2015 is my last show. 

I’ve loved Lip Service. I’ve produced 40 shows and have gotten to work with close to 300 storytellers who were willing to be open and honest and not always in a way that showed their better sides. Brave people! And I’ve told 30 of my own stories in front of the best audience in the world, which grew from 60 to 600. Beautiful people!

Whenever someone was nervous on stage, whenever I was nervous, I felt emotionally buoyed by the love and support of our audience. I am a ham and will totally miss that!

But after NINE YEARS I’m ready to move on and I’m really excited about my next venture: a podcast called Writing Class Radio. Writing Class Radio is a podcast of the writing class I’ve been teaching as an offshoot of Lip Service for six years. The podcast is one part true storytelling, one part documentary-style journalism, one part writing class, and all parts AMAZING!

Check it out at You can download it on iTunes and GooglePlay starting Oct. 24, 2015.

As for Lips, I’m not sure. We’re in negotiations with a new administrative partner and we still have Esther Martinez-Kenniff and Nicholas Garnett, plus a few others who have stepped up. I hope they keep it going forever.

Thanks for being the best community in the world. I can’t wait to see you at the show. After party at Books & Books, like always!


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