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Lip Service’s Next Show is May 18th!!!


Check out Lip Service’s brand new show at our new, super-cool home in WYNWOOD! Tickets on sale now:

Expect to be surprised this Saturday. A hilarious money-making scheme involving Fidel Castro voodoo dolls is just one of the true stories you’ll hear. 

Here’s the full cast:

  • Camile Araujo proves that, sometimes, a bad break can fix everything.
  • Margery Berger struggles to make a name for herself.
  • Zorina finds out that dating parishioners can turn into a holy freak show.
  • Nicholas learns what it takes to be, and not to be, a father.
  • Marta Oppenheimer tells all about a no-tell motel and a night of dirty love.
  • Asia makes the case for keeping your dreams near—and your genitals even nearer.
  • Doug Shear stumbles into a business opportunity that might just make him rich—and dead.
  • Jim Teper dips his toes, among other body parts, into the world of senior online dating.

Hosted by Esther Martinez-Kenniff

Please note: Lip Service stories and language may not be appropriate for children.


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